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Our story

Skalia Homestyle Design wants to change the place where people live and work everyday. Our offer includes a wide range of wine glasses, handmade vase collections, porcelain plates, mugs, coffee and tea cups. Skalia started with its brand in 2006 in Krakow. Our mission is to deliver quality glass and porcelain items, and items with customer's logo at affordable price.

Glass and tableware

The most known glassware products are no doubt items from Stilo collection. These items are designed for lovers of simplicity. Stilo collection includes glasses for soda drinks, wine, cognac and brandy, wine carafes and shots. It is dedicated to restaurants and all individual users who like contemporary design. Within our porcelain recommended for home use popular became Nora collection of white porcelain with black decorations. Our simple cups and plates of Hello collection remain one of our top porcelain products recommended for restaurants.

Items with

Skalia can print your logo and decoration on glass and porcelain items and pack them in customised boxes. These products can be sold in stores, used in hotels and restaurants or become a company gift. Logo and decoration are dishwasher safe. All our glass, porcelain and packaging are manufactured in Poland and in Europe. Our ambition is to develop products with a character, enough good to manufacture them at affordable price that are also practical.

Crystal and vase collections

The crystal glass collections with handmade decorations Meya, Ayo and Roby bring some character and personality to their ambiente. Glass vases are handmade and mouth blown by sklilled artists using traditional old techniques.

Company awards

When awarding someone we want to show someone's excellence. There is no better way to send a message than through an award or trophy. Glass and crystal figures can be ideal as company and sport awards.


Glass, porcelain are ecological materials, and this is important to us. We want to bring our customers products that combine high quality and timeless appearance. If you are looking for beautiful and practical products for the kitchen, for the dining table and for the restaurant, these items are an ideal choice.

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